YUKI NEMOTO decided to enter the ITALIAN GT Rd,11&12


■ Comment by YUKI NEMOTO

Honestly, the more time it takes to understand what is happening around me, the more dizzying days continue from participating in the audition in Italy to this day. I got in touch with the management team, I bought an airplane ticket for the time to go to Paris and arrived at the Charles de Gaulle airport early in the morning and heard that Nicolas Costa will pick me up to Bologna airport It was such a situation (laugh).

Thanks to ZAP SPEED and KCMG for their cooperation and understanding, it became like a dream just to be able to participate in the Italian GT with VSR again. Moreover, the day when I heard it by Vincenzo Sospiri, it was my 20th birthday. To be able to have such a wonderful birthday gift on a 20-year old memorial birthday, it is exhausted as a racer guy (laugh).

My dream is a professional driver who is active overseas, I will definitely make a chance to participate in the Italian GT entry this time and I am planning to make it a step to advance next year's activities to overseas. In response to the expectations of ZAP SPEED who gave the opportunity, KCMG and everyone of VSR, we will also aim for a winning streak this weekend so that we can help Nicholas Costa to win the title.

Thank you for your continued support!

■ Director Vincenzo Sospiri's comment

The appointment of Yuki this time is a natural course in me.

Looking at Yuuki's perfect work in the race week in Bareruunga the other day, it is clear to everyone's eyes whether there is still a rough skill, but that he has a secret talent.

Originally, I had already contracted with other drivers regarding Imola warfare and the final match against Mugello, but with the strong demand of Nicolas Costa, this time to run Yuuki again as our driver became. I appreciate KCMG and ZAP SPEED that he belonged to for showing your understanding.

Looking ahead to the activities of next year, I would like to unite as a team with Yuuki, to cherish the 4 races of the last 2 conventions carefully.


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